• 6210 N Belt Line Rd #160 Irving, TX 75063, USA | +1 (469) 524-3042

Prayer Schedule

Important Note: Currently due to operational constraints, we have regular Fajr and Isha Prayers only until 31 Dec 2022 at suite 212. Las Colinas Islamic Center will be totally operational in new facility Located at 6220 N Belt Line Rd #180, Irving, TX 75063 from 1st Jan 2023, after which we will inshallah have all 5 prayers and announce the beginning of Jumma prayer.

Salah Timings in Las Colinas Area

  • Fajr
    Start:5:11 AM Iqamah:5:26 am
  • Zuhr
    Start:1:34 PM Iqamah:1:49 pm
  • Asr
    Start:6:30 PM Iqamah:6:45 pm
  • Magrib
    Start:8:37 PM Iqamah:8:52 pm
  • Isha
    Start:9:57 PM Iqamah:10:12 pm
  • Jumah
    Start:1:34 PM Iqamah:1:49 pm
  • Jumma
    Start: Iqamah: